keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

give happy

I wonder how many more years it will take before we officially begin the Christmas season in the summer? 

I am one who doesn’t care for getting ahead, totally immersing myself in the celebration of each season and holidays that come as they change. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, let us be thankful and in some way find a way to give to others even if that means volunteering your time. I am tickled with what I’ve decided to do, hoping that what I’ve chosen to give will brighten the spirits of another.

So Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thanks for Giving and as you do…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

head wraps to hats

As predicted, an arctic air swooped down into DC this past week forcing me to finally turn on the heat and officially transition my morning walk fashion choices. I gladly switched from head wraps to hats, scarves around my head to scarves around my neck, and sweat shirts to sweaters & silk underwear…anything to keep my teeth from chattering. 

Winter is just not my favorite season! I miss the lush palettes of blossoming flowers along with their gorgeous fragrances that line my paths. The disappearance of abundant greenery in foliage and grass no matter which route I take is way too noticeable. However, I appreciate the fact that Mother Nature has to prepare, so I shift my focus to take in what’s on view right now as I anxiously await her spring collection. 

That said, there are some moments of this season that I love -- the first fall of snow against my cheeks, catching glimpses of red birds on bare brown icy branches, the sparkle of a night moon on undisturbed fields of snow, the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees waiting to go home to be adorned.

I have to admit that the colder air felt good against my face as I stepped out yesterday, probably because the sun sealed in some welcome warmth (thank goodness!). So here's to the changing of seasons wherever you are and if it's gettin' chilly in your neck of the woods, bundle up and…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

time traveler

Though we had an extra hour to sleep, I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I took advantage of it. I recall waking up around 2:00am thinking that it was the bewitching hour when the clock rolls back and how cool it was for me to be conscious for a little time traveling. As I sit here writing, I realize I set my clocks before I went to bed, so time jumped back as I slept. The next hour I awakened was around 6:00am which lately is about right for me so again, did I get in that 60 minute bonus snooze or not? Actually, it really doesn’t matter all that much as I feel quite rested on this very drizzly Sunday morning. My window is cracked; the cool autumn crisp is blowing the smell of rain into the room inviting me to light some candles, make a cup of tea and grab the magazines next to my bed. 
No matter what time the hands on the clock point to, I do love the quiet time that a rainy Sunday offers and lately, when they’ve been presented, I’ve been so busy doing other things, that I’ve not taken advantage of the gift. Right now, I think I’ll shut down the electronics, turn off the phones, snuggle in, and read to the background sounds of water playing on the sidewalk. This afternoon, I’ll heat up some of that made from scratch chicken broth that is still aromatizing my home, throw in some vegetables, put on my favorite black cashmere sweater, take a bowl of soup out onto the balcony, settle into my bright yellow chair, watch the raindrops play on the drive, and find that extra hour. 

You can find yours too if you…

keep your peepers open!®

ps to myself - hey girl, you have some plans to cancel before you retreat into the quiet zone on this, your sacred sunday...on it!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

no place like...

Last Sunday, I was still basking in the glow from all that was Howard University Homecoming. Though I moved back to DC 17 years ago, I had not been to the festivities for over 25 for various reasons, some that make sense, others that are totally ridiculous now that I think about it. There are no words to describe the warmth of every hug, kiss, greeting, smile from people I knew, just met or still don’t know except to say that I was amongst family and felt the love.

October 2017 has led me to other "homecomings" and as the month comes to a close, I find myself thinking about all that has occurred. It seems like October 3, a milestone birthday for me this year, was just yesterday. Upon that entrance to my next decade, a piece of me that I'd kept on the shelf for too many years jumped off, causing me to ask myself, “Where have you been?!”. The day before that, the ninth collage in a series I’m working on appeared and is now urging me to bring forth a tenth piece in this 10th month, I believe signaling the end of this group of images, two that personally hit home with their messages. Just yesterday during prayer and meditation, I felt a spirit pass through to tell me that I've arrived in a nesting space where enough is in place for me to fully flesh out and put into action a vision; my journals house the notes, my mind is the door through which those notes pass, my heart is the key to unlock everything. The lock turned. 
Speaking of doors and Howard, this month I visited the salon of a friend from my college days. Though we have not spoken in well over 30 years, I was warmly reminded that no time really passes when you’ve had a close friendship with someone even if time has passed. Hours later, that warmth was still hugging me; the minute I stepped foot into that salon I was home. Truly, there’s no place like it, so… 

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, October 22, 2017


I admit that I am obsessed when it comes to jewelry! I’ve known for years of my addiction to acquiring baubles, bangles and beads however, the other night I moved into a whole other orbit. While on Pinterest, I came across a pair of Navajo Native American sterling silver with coral earrings that I decided to pin to my ethnic, tribal & unusual jewelry board. Just as I was about to hit save, I noticed that they had not been saved to very many boards. Were the beauties available? To my delight, they were on ebay; the current bid was low with a little over a day left so I jumped right on in! Nobody topped me for hours and when they did, I bid again and went to bed.

The next morning, there was no answer to my offer; I was far from feeling feel smug as I knew someone from the other 14 watchers would eventually pounce. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me when an hour was left, went on about my day, met someone for dinner, came home, climbed into bed and the countdown was on because while I was eating and chatting, I was outbid. Five minutes before bidding was over, someone topped the person who outbid me. Not only did I see that happening in real time, eBay alerted me via email which startled me since I was focused on watching the bids. My heart began to race, I could feel it beating out of my chest as my body temperature climbed. I logged in and prepared a bid, holding still until the one minute count down began. At 30 seconds, I clicked increase bid and was immediately outbid. WTH!?!? Now I was shaking, quickly tried to recover when something happened that kept me from getting in another bid! THIS WAS NOT HAPPENING!!!!!

I cold barely breathe as my heart jumped into my throat however I know the power of getting centered in the moment, which I did. The clock was at 3 seconds when everything worked and I entered the winning bid; it took me more than 10 minutes to bring my heart rate back to normal. I snuggled down under the covers feeling slightly unnerved by those moments of feeling like I had no control over myself, smiling because I conquered getting what I was after at a very reasonable cost since others who bid were not upping by more than $1 at a time, and wondering…just how many pairs of earrings does one girl need? 

I refused to answer that question as I turned out the lights and I’m still pleading the fifth, so don’t ask and…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

sunday thought

There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any. - Hugh Laurie 

Just sayin’ to myself and to you so, take a deep breath, pull those dreams together, step on out there and…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, October 8, 2017


During a lively conversation with one of my good gal friends, I found myself thinking about an article/book, I’ve been scribing notes to when she uttered the word stuck in reference to how she is feeling. My entire being shook hearing the word knowing that I’ve been trying to write a cohesive piece about that very feeling at different moments in my life over the course of several years. The more we talked, the more an uncomfortable stickiness set in so I suggested that perhaps we are in limbo. 

Feeling unsure, particularly later in life can be quite unsettling, a little scary even. Couple that with a lack of ME (motivating energy) and that space of uncertainty where the questions at hand have not yet connected with an answer can be beyond daunting! As I dropped my thoughts for this blog into my ongoing document, I took a look at all that I’ve previously written on the topic and decided that trying to pepper past thoughts into present ones was not needed. In actuality, stuck or scared is not what I’m feeling right now, though I can’t articulate the exact thing that currently holds a part of me uncomfortably suspended. I can say that whatever it is has not kept me from being productive in others areas of my life which means I’m not really stuck at all. If I stay open to receive, eventually all will be revealed so hang in there with me and…

keep your peepers open!®

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