keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

summer schooled

Last weekend, I attended a mindfulness session at the Kripalu Center in the Berkshires; being there, not just for the facilitated class but also for the unexpected ones taught during my time spent communing with nature was life changing. I never noticed that my camera makes a sound just as it takes the picture, something learned in stillness along the road, in the forest on a foggy morning. Didn’t know that if I resisted the urge to shift when a pain surfaces, that if I “surf” through it, it will subside on its own, a lesson understood as I held myself in long seated meditations without fidgeting. Food, color, textures, sounds became more dynamic than ever as I physically felt myself slow way down, aware of the tiniest things, and got more in touch with all and me. A weekend well spent and captured, rather than narrate this time, please take your own walk and enjoy the scenery.

Saturday started as a gray morning and brightened into a brilliant blueness…


Sunday began with muted purples, blues and pinks before the sun finally rose over the hills bringing everything into sharp focus…

Schooled in ways that I never expected, when it was time to go, the woman leaving was not the same as the one who arrived. A renewed sense of purpose, I’m on my mission, so…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

summer sunlight

breaking through thick fog
a blast of blinding sensation runs up behind me
on a july morning
down a berkshire road

over the hills
across the valley
a shimmer skimming the water
casting shadows in the woods

crisp and clean
it peers between wooden slats
into my window

wake up color!
it’s today

 keep your peepers open!®

(had some tech tantrums, so sorry the photos were delayed)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

summer break

heading home
to my dismay
this just wasn't the time
for an extended stay
'cause I was here for work
so return I must
to DC while proclaiming
"back to the Berkshires or bust!"

what a place, more to come so…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer finds

I love a good find and for me more often than not it’s a piece of jewelry discovered when I’m not looking for anything and/or in an unexpected place. As I dashed along a downtown corridor, I tucked into a clothing store when the first big wet sloppy droplets hit my forehead. I had no idea that this specialty shop was in DC, don’t necessarily associate the name with jewelry and never buy from the catalog because many of the items contain wool which I’m allergic to. So I was immediately curious when my eyes caught the glint of what appeared to be an interesting something hidden between the folds of a scarf resting on the bottom shelf in the glass case. Is that…I’d like to see that please!

The textures present such a contrast. I’m used to and have several smooth, somewhat shiny horn bracelets which is how the inside of this piece feels and looks though it is much more polished. The difference with my find is the surface facing out. Filled with what I thought would be rough grooves and bumps, once touched the piece in my hand revealed an unexpected velvety yet firm finish. OMG, it’s seriously a tactile lover’s delight!

Turning it on its side, I traced the flat thick edges that ran evenly around the top and bottom with my finger and got another rush it was so lush!

This raw horn bracelet has just the right amount of heft to let me know it is on my arm while at the same time appearing delicate and feminine. With every turn, I notice that each bend of the circle has its own distinct character. A rich mixture of chocolate browns, taupes, and bone, the surprise element are the hints of turquoise that thread into the darker sections. SOLD!

And what made it the perfect find of the summer to date besides the price and being totally different from any other horn bracelet I’ve ever seen? Well ...this little ole' treasure happens to be just the right compliment to some gorgeous earrings found in Nantucket this past May. I love it when that happens. Which means, no matter when, where or what the occasion, always…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, July 15, 2012

summer chillers

After seeing the excellent and deeply moving film Beasts of the Southern Wild with one of my close friends, two “little beasts in a big world” wiped the tears from their eyes and left the theater in search of a libation. Not sure where we wanted to bend our elbows, we walked for a few blocks right into McCormick and Schmick’s. Now serving is a tasty sangria made with what I think starts with muddled cucumbers and strawberries mixed with Bacardi Limón and finished off with Prosecco over lots of ice.

Very refreshing, I drank three! I will be back but plan to attempt making it myself along with another recipe…

Watermelon Cooler

1C watermelon cut in chunks
1/2 banana (if you want cold w/o adding ice, freeze)
3 ice cubes
1/2 C coconut water
Juice of 1/2 small lemon or lime (2 tbsp)
3 mint OR basil leaves
Combine all in blender adding little more coconut water if needed. **

That’s the version I read in a magazine, but here’s my twist on it….lose the banana and add a splash or two or whatever you feel of iced vodka, blend then serve over crushed ice. Now that’s a Watermelon Chiller! (I did a search and found several recipes for watermelon coolers with various ingredients with and without alcohol so have some fun experimenting).

Iced tea, not of the bar kind, never fails to chill me down when I'm in summer heat. I prefer home made however cracking open an iced cold bottle will do me just fine and on that note…

keep your peepers open!®

ps - go see the movie...

**pps - I actually made the watermelon cooler later today according to the original recipe...coconut water is quite dominent, so I added more melon, couple more chunks of frozen banana and yes, a hefty splash of Kettle One, yum :)