keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I have traveled to moments past via photos, letters, and other items as I sorted through and cleaned out closets, drawers and boxes this past month. Last weekend, long buried memories surfaced giving me pause, though I knew all was happening for a reason. It was time to confront old issues so I sat with my thoughts, meditated on them, then took a walk as I searched my emotions, wondered if there were deeper feelings to address; nothing seemed to come forth. Was I blocked or just not willing to admit to myself that a deeper exploration was indeed needed? And then it was clear -- memories are resurrected to acknowledge, examine and either delve further into, leave them where they were, or discard for sometimes, once considered, there is a realization that somehow, somewhere else in our growth resolution was found. That revelation lifted me, allowing me to consider my current surroundings and the freshness in the air around me.

I was grateful to have had some time to look at my past, gain an understanding of how certain situations shaped who I am, and realize that I truly had risen above their ability to caste a dark shadow on my being. While emotions were stirred, they served as a reminder that I am a feeling individual who, like us all, met challenges along my path, some that still need to be explored while others no longer require more than acknowledgement as a stepping stone to now. Only you will know the difference so...

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, March 27, 2016


The ugliness in our country and in countries abroad is shocking, unsettling, unfortunate and just plain sad. I think back to the words of Rodney King (can’t we all get along), look at my bumper sticker that reads COEXIST and wonder what it will take. 

During this season of resurrection and hope, may people all over the world hold their spastic tongues seeking instead a decent, well versed way to communicate. May they learn to honor and respect diversity, the right of all to exist with no fear of harm, and human life period, end of story. 

Search for the light in your soul and…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

weight issue

With all the talk about happiness that is buzzing around, the one thing I totally agree with is that we are responsible for our own happy. 

I’m not sure that anyone of us is fully aware of the many burdens that attach themselves to our beings. One after the other, they pile on stealing our joy some so very small that their arrival goes unnoticed and unchecked. The more we carry, the worse we feel making it next to impossible to fully experience and celebrate the good things that are happening to and for us. Carrying this load is a weight that over time takes its toll physically, spiritually, and emotionally and when it gets real heavy, we sometimes turn to others hoping that they may empathize with our story.

No two people are dealt the same hand in life, each of us is presented with our own personal challenges unique only to us. Though others may share trials and tribulations that sound similar to our story, the similarities are no more than that; while the struggle is real for all, process and handling will vary based on the individual. Knowing that someone else has some understanding about what we are going through and is there with a listening ear is comforting however, it still rests with us to find a way to release the weight, to not allow all that is happening to eliminate an element of happy from our day today.

Burdens are disruptive weights that though uncomfortable need not be negative. Rather, they can be a pathway to clarity if we don’t let them overpower us or allow them to collect and hold hostage all that brings happiness to our lives. Moments of joy anchor us during challenging times, so if you’re moving through weighty issues, snatch back your happy right now and…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, March 20, 2016

making sense

Been awake for a couple of hours grappling with a subject for the blog. My thoughts have not completely found their way to making sense, so I’m going to keep working on not what I want to say but how I want to convey it; I just cannot rush this much as I have tried! Right now, I’m going to stop typing, post this note and go for a walk so my brain can refresh. 

Back on Wednesday when the topic that I thought was meant for today will be complete, so until then…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Being aware, my gaze will go to what it is called to see. As I continue to work on more fully experiencing sessions with my camera, I was compelled to step back after I stepped over the grate instead of rushing home when the rain began. I stood for several moments, the light drizzle moistening the nape of my neck, contemplating the fate of two yellow delicates between bars below my feet. The blooms were precariously resting like happy people facing each other before taking a leap into love. I shifted my position and saw the bars of a prison; rocks like people broken, then stuck because of bad decisions. Freedom plunging into darkness unless light is sought. I took another step, peered into the abyss beneath metal bars now discolored and saw the unknown that comes with aging. But there is color in the gray, softness to balance the hard and brittle, wisdom in the patinas as we move forward through life. 

The morning showers subsided soon after I stepped away from where I stood. Walking slowly, I thought back to the grate and marveled at how many different scenarios rested between and beneath the bars and wondered what others may have seen when they passed it or if they had even noticed.  

You are changed by experiences if you… 

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, March 13, 2016

moving time

As the rivers and streams flow forward, so today does time.

Don’t forget to move time ahead one hour and if you can…

keep your peepers open!®😴

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I listened to a commentary on the subject of the detrimental side of taking selfies -- being so absorbed in the taking that people are unaware of or ignore dangerous situations and die because of it. I have never understood nor am I motivated by this self-absorbed, somewhat indulgent craze and can happily say I've personally taken only a few specifically when I needed a head shot for something. On rare occasions, I have posed with others as they snapped and must say I was not an enthused participant. 

The commentator continued talking about how we lose the experience when we resort to capturing the moment rather than living it; I have grappled with, uttered, contemplated, accepted, rejected and resolved for myself to a point those very words. Obviously to a point since a twinge of guilt passed quickly through me when I heard them. As a photographer and one who finds gratitude from sharing my experiences through pictures, I am compelled to capture images as I move about. Listening to the narrative made me realize that I have allowed the distractions of the past month or so to rob me of time which I normally would have devoted to my passion; the last time I snapped over 200 pictures in one hour was difficult for me to recall. I wrote down some thoughts, grabbed my camera and headed to the Botanic Gardens fully intending to peer through my lens often!

As I walked, I thought back to the commentator and remembered something she said about loosing the art of storytelling because we are busy recording time in pictures. (I had to stop to dictate my own thoughts into my phone as a reminder for inclusion in whatever commentary was taking shape in my head.) There is more than one way to tell a story. In kindergarten, the teacher read then showed us the pictures; relating them back to what she said helped me learn to read as I am better at tactile learning. And of course there is the oral tradition when the elders pass down stories, history from generations past. Though there are no actual pictures to look at, watch their faces and you will see images that need no recording. 

I arrived at the Gardens thinking about all that is missed when I travel or even go for my morning walk with camera in hand. Experiencing life truly is something beneficial to self and though selfies are fun, I embraced the point the commentator was driving at -- live it a little more often, capture the moments in your spirit, relive them with words, expressions, and emotions and you will create a picture more vivid than the still of a selfie. And while I took hundreds of gorgeous images, I also spent time interacting with people, stepped back to fully appreciate the surroundings since I have not been to Botanic Gardens in DC since I was a child comparing my feelings now to then, noticed my body temperature as it fluctuated with the change in air between rooms, listened to the sounds differentiated by experiential atmosphere in each room, and just breathed all of it in. 

Before I walked home, I sat down outdoors to let the memory of the time spent settle into my being and realized that the entire day was sent in order for me to ground myself after a whirlwind of a February. And so that’s my story in words with some pictures to enhance the telling.

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, March 6, 2016

never ever?

I know a good product when I see it and once I do, will suggest it to all who I think will benefit from or appreciate it. Well before Oprah made Origins Ginger Soufflé one of her “favorite things” many moons ago, I had sent samples to all of my girlfriends so they too could slather themselves in the divine richness of a body cream that went "viral" (before viral was such a thing) thanks to O's endorsement. While I don't have that kind of national clout, I have persuaded small numbers of people to try things on countless occasions but it was a wake-up moment recently when I saw a woman on TV talking about the millions she makes from people who want her to promote their products via online short videos. Of course I am aware of the various creative methods of selling almost anything via electronic and social media, am quite intrigued by the unique forms people have designed, I had just never given the details of it all a second thought until that moment. I love a creative challenge, yet I’m still not sure that I will ever go that route as I get a thrill from sharing a good find with others free of charge and am grateful when others do the same; we all benefit. That said, I don't ever say never because I'm a natural when it comes to marketing, my MBA is in it, plus I have a good eye, so who knows what will become of my "thought you might like this" emails…even
if the item has been around for awhile 😉, so think you should...

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


…my mornings…routines…rituals…thought processes…mind…work life…play time…ideas…my afternoons…space…what remains…what goes…body…belongings…responsibilities...schedules…patterns…my evenings…IT IQ...nourishment…rhythms…movement…soul…socializing…exercising…glamorizing…my nights…my spirit.

to disconnection.

to a sense of freedom.

to feeling grounded.

to open.

to change.

All is as it should be as, so like my little guardian…

keep your peepers open!®