keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


In the still of the night, I sat up in bed the TV watching me, me not focused on it. Something was amiss. The previous day was one of giving out energy when perhaps, because I had driven for over an hour in ever changing weather conditions, knew I would have to do it again, I somehow forgot my training that helps me do so without depleting my reserves. A few days before that, a friend who I was close to many years ago resurfaced and for the life of me, I don’t know why I stayed on the phone for hours knowing with each word that conversations with some take rather than give or exchange. Then there was that movie that tapped my lonesomeness button which then threw me into pondering the question single people ponder while trying to remain patient -- when? Now that is a serious oomph snatcher if it catches you off guard! I could go on with the happenings of my days that are tugging at my power source, I will spare you.

when we wear the “I’m just fine mask” people assume that we are unless we take it off and get real…

I was chatting with a good energizer buddy who was thanking me for a nicety. She was genuinely surprised when I said that I wondered who would take care of me with that kind of goodness. Don’t get me wrong, kindness comes my way often enough and I am grateful. However, because I do so much to keep
everyone’s spirits up AND am known for being great at replenishing my resources all by lonesome, it didn’t even dawn on my friend that I too need that boost that comes from random or even deliberate acts of care. much is going on at so many levels at a non-stop pace...

While it would be great to have someone swoop in for the rescue, I know that ultimately it’s on me to work things out. However, right this moment I have no clue where my mask is. Signing off to go in search so…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, January 25, 2015

still sunday

Woke up around 2:00AM to a stillness that, an hour or so later, is still sitting with me. Today is destined to be a tranquil one and after a needed nap, I shall wake again to embrace the silence I now plan to practice as I move about my Sunday, a break that every so often we need to take. Wishing you a day of serenity and during the quiet…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

spa days

Hanging up the phone, I found myself in a dark blue funk as I sat swathed in bright peacock blue cashmere which seriously kept my spirits from sinking. My little Lumi is in need of repair so I took her to the photo shop this past weekend. The call was to give me an estimate and though I could get a new camera, my Lumix is an extension of me, has accompanied me on countless walks, to many states and several countries recording my journeys. Lumi is the vehicle through which I have taken pictures that appeared in magazines, in exhibits, and on the walls of those who have purchased them. There is no way I would junk her for another. When they told me I may be without my camera for a month in order to soften the blow, I had to say to myself that she is going to the spa for rejuvenation. This may sound crazy to you unless you have some sentimental thing that you would not part with if it was broken, that you would do whatever it took to mend it. Fortunately, my camera just needs the inside lenses cleaned or replaced; I am beyond ecstatic that it can be fixed.

All things happen for a reason. The white roses with hints of pink, light apricot and green gracing one of my tables were quite fetching. Realizing that Lumi was away, my only choice was to call on Nik, the Nikon I bought before I went to Morocco. I truly do not use him as often as I should especially since I am a self-taught photographer who has yet to master all it can do (it is so much easier to take a smaller camera with me wherever I go, rarely do I leave home without the Lumix). That said, out he came and these came from us…

I will miss Lumi while she is being pampered, something I can so identify with as I am a spa girl to the core. While she is away, Nik and I will surely get more acquainted so…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, January 18, 2015

natural designs

After a morning meditation, the word peace was on my mind. I felt an overwhelming need to create, felt that I had to physically make a peace sign. At first I thought I would collage or maybe use watercolor; something else wanted to come forth. With abandon, no need for perfection or attention to anything other than letting my fingers guide me, my peace sign came together. I photographed the first one, added more to the piece, then took some more shots; the colors were bland, uninteresting and did not speak. Disappointment swept over me for a moment followed by a stillness which guided me to…

I find peace on the beach, the ocean singing to me as I float along the sand collecting peace sign was a natural design.

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

in passing

At the end of each year, news, entertainment, and various other television programs memorialize the many people, some household names others not so much, that have died. We see their faces, hear their stories, listen to the tributes, and are reminded of why they should be missed as we note the dates of their birth and passing. We may even care that the words, music, theatrics, inventions, intentions, creations, movements of those who rose to prominence for their gifts are now at rest, may also feel sad that they are no longer with us. Yet the majority of us don't personally know any of these individuals, more familiar are we with their contributions to the world than with who they were on the day-to-day.

At the beginning of this year, I unceremoniously found out that someone I knew personally had transitioned last year and now find myself wondering about the loss of the not so famous lost every year. Who besides those who knew them are holding up their life stories for the world to acknowledge, we know not the impact they may have had on who knows how many. And what about our servicemen and women and those who were taken in acts of violence or terrorism that played out for all to see? Where are their faces, their stories as the year comes to a close?

Which brings me to this: Each year at the end of the year some of the same shows referenced above walk us back through the newsworthy events of the year we're leaving behind. More often than not, the faces of evil are shown; the smirks, grimaces, blank stares and smiles of those who have taken lives are once again displayed for us to see. Unfortunately their faces are shown way too often when the events actually happened which in my opinion is more than enough. In fact, I wish we didn't have to see them at all (unless the person is at large) because isn’t that what they wanted?

My blog is not a place for political dialog however, I felt the need to voice my feelings, so violent, cruel, senseless and offensive are the happenings of the day. I am not in broadcasting though I do think that the sensationalism of some people and stories drives what admittedly, we are not forced to watch. I truly exercise my freedom to change the channel when it comes to the airtime given to those who are in desperate need of attention (killers and everyday fame seekers) or who feel that in the name of some cause, they have the right to take lives or who jump the trigger just a little too quickly though I do know and understand that in some instances it is justified.

Honoring death should not be reserved for only the famous as the masses will never miss them the way we will miss those who have been a part of our personal, intimate lives. So I ask the world of broadcasting, at year's end, why not say words of remembrance for ALL who will not go with us into the year ahead?

We can only hope and as we do…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, January 11, 2015

gift of the season

The weather after Christmas was unseasonably warm in Virginia Beach which is where I spent a few days with family for part of the holiday. I knew I had to get to the beach to finally make up for the trip I missed most of all during the time I was recovering from surgery last summer. Shoes off, I felt the heavenly chill of slightly warmed sand beneath my toes, collected a few shells and with pure abandonment waded into the ocean screaming with delight as the icy surf washed over my feet and ankles. It was exhilarating!

I visited a place where one could disappear into a not too dense woods of pine trees flanking a sandy path chock full of picturesque scenes in nature that led to a gorgeous lake. A peaceful walk amongst the quiet on a warm day was a treat that took me right back to a day when I stood at the window trying to balance myself on the walker, wishing I could go outside.

And then there was Stumpy Lake at sunset; I'm still in awe of the many trees sprouting from beneath the still surface, their tall bodies casting reflections in the watery mirror below.

I also tooled about in a few artsy stores in the town of Ghent, a light sweater around my shoulders, a scarf tied loosely about my neck, and as I did it indeed felt that in those few days I had made up for a summer missed, a very unexpected Christmas gift captured in pictures and within.

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


And now let us welcome the new year - full of things that have never been. - Rainer Maria Rilke

I purchased a new book to read as part of my morning meditation, mindfulness, prayer, me time. I knew some of my friends would tell me that I could write a book like this; Daily Joy with its lush photos and wise passages serves as a reminder and is my inspiration to select some to do's in reference to my own photographs and writings and move them off of the paper into action. Thankfully, I am in a good place in terms of taking good care of myself pausing more than once each day to focus on self-renewal…just need to get my exercise program back in place.

So as we begin a new year, remember that it only takes a minute to take 10 deep breathes. Trust me, you do have a minute, find a few more and if you need something to get you going, pick up a 365 book that resonates with you, there are hundreds of them out there! Eventually those minutes could lead you to take a full day or more off from your daily routine to go on short reflective retreats which I have found to be huge treats. Once I return to the world from one of them, I am refreshed, refocused, and ready for action and all that is yet to be. Try it and…

keep your peepers open!®

ps - If you’re looking for a book that also prompts you with daily things to do to enhance the readings, a friend of mine recommends The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

twenty fifteen

What's the thing for twenty-fifteen
you'll have to wait and see
will time bring you the sportin' life
or will you be busy as a bee.
A combination of the two
is best if you seek wellness
I for one, say okay, done
followed by a resounding yes!
For twenty one five indeed has arrived
be glad that it is here
and since you woke to ring it in
stand up and give a cheer.
Tip your hat to all that was,
give thanks to this right now
and pause a second to give thought
to what will be, then bow
with humble gratitude
let's rise and raise our glasses high
to human rights, respect for life,
and peace as time goes by

Happy New Year and as always...

keep your peepers open!®