keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

skype me!

I am technology challenged! Sure, I designed one blog and two web sites, taught myself various computer programs over the years, and configured all sorts of other office equipment, but there are other challenges on my frontier that I’ve yet to master; I’m always up for the learning! 

A few weeks ago, I received an email to say that an important meeting would take place via Skype. I went online to set up an account -- bing, bang, done...or so I thought. Prior to the meeting, a friend suggested we Skype to discuss business and MZ. I’M NOW A SKYPER was game! Got my look together, sat down, logged in and when the call came, I clicked the camera. No picture appeared as the incoming call sound kept sounding off. I clicked the phone. More ringing. Clicked I’m not sure what and as the ringing stopped a message popped up about a plug in. WTexpletive!? I attempted to download the plug in…nothing. “Skype me!”, I cussed. After a few more unsuccessful attempts to move off the message screen, my friend called my cell to guide me through whatever I needed to do; by the time we hung up, both of us were exasperated and nothing was resolved. I took a deep breath (or 50) and just got quiet. 
When I get still allowing breaths to replace anxiousness with calm oxygen, I’m able to focus and figure things out. Turns out, I either missed or was not prompted to do the download when I originally set up my account. I maneuvered around and landed on the screen with an active download button that once clicked worked like a charm. Oy f’n vey was all I could say! 

So Skype me and…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Telling “your story” means that the story of others may have to be intertwined in the narrative. You question whether or not you should even include their role in your stories as they unfold, wonder how to get around exposing the behavior of people you love and have forgiven while still speaking your own truth, uncovering how your life was affected by their actions and decisions. 

Older and wiser, I am now a more enlightened woman whose life experiences thus far have allowed for growth in many ways. I recently found myself looking back, reflecting on how easy it was for me to act with dismissiveness towards people who were unaware that they were playing a part in stories that were really not about them, stories that were influenced by others stroking a pen over my pages. Fortunately, my mindfulness practice combined with a passion for journaling and a commitment to self reflection has blessed me with the ability to see things clearly, manage buried incidents and emotions when they surface by writing for my eyes only, and take personal action to rectify situations I feel must be set right, especially when innocents are involved.

You can’t go back and change the way you behaved towards and spoke to people, how you shut them down and out of your life because you didn’t know a more appropriate way to channel a hurt and betrayal they did not cause. What you can do is apologize, make amends, start just where you are, and hope for forgiveness as you forgive yourself and the one who guided your pen. I am grateful I was prepared when I arrived at the fork on my path that invited me to be open to the truth behind all of my stories, thankful I accepted the invitation. I am better for it. You will be too if you…

keep your peepers open!® 

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

p.u.r.e peace

Patience, Understanding, Respect and Empathy... essentials for a path to PEACE here and around the world. And while we're at it, throw in lots of love!

Happy Easter, Happy Passover! If you don't
celebrate either, celebrate life and may we all be champions for peace, pure & simple.

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

head wrap

I tied on a beautiful scarf one morning as a fashion accessory (and yes, to cover up undone hair), stepped out the door, and walked to downtown DC. On my way home, I stopped for a moment, startled by a man asking, “Are you a Muslim?” I’ve worn scarves periodically for years only being approached when someone wanted to compliment my head wrap. The man smiled, I realized he meant no harm. I politely said no and moved on, but it’s what I did next that will raise the eyebrows of some.

As I passed by a store, I noticed lots of hats in the window and tucked in to find one to replace the scarf, ashamed of myself on the one hand, on the other, pissed that the current political agenda, which targets people of a different faith, was playing on my psyche. Hat secured, I walked aimlessly around looking at other items, adrenalin lifting scars off my DNA strand; the surge of ancestral defiance rushing from feet to crown was not to be ignored. Hat returned to shelf, I marched out the door holding my scarf wrapped head high as I sauntered on home feeling a bit badass, though not at all proud of my initial reaction.

There will be those who think I should indeed be ashamed of myself, others who don’t, and those who are unsure. Though we like to think we know exactly how we’ll behave in or react to any given situation, my experience has proven that not to be true on more than a few occasions. Like the day I was in a cross walk, heard the sound of a pick up truck picking up speed, saw the face of hate barreling towards me, felt the scars bursting. Rather than move forward or backward, I froze dead in my tracks, pun intended. Fortunately, survival is also written on my strand and its force carried me out of danger as the voice of hate howled in the wind.

We bear the scars, be they beautiful or not. Who we are, what we look like, what we believe, and who we love gives rise to the possibility of new ones forming; let us determine be they beautiful or not, so stay informed, be resilient, and…

keep your peepers open!®

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

rain coming

Dashed out for a walk and morning shoot as the sun broke through the clouds. It had rained and would again; I moved quickly towards the gardens as the sun disappeared. A shot here, another there before heading home trying to stay a few steps ahead of the impending rain. The skies darkened and rumbled, I hastened but alas was caught in a downpour, drenched by a baptism that felt divine.

It’s the unplanned moments that sometimes show us things we would not otherwise behold, so remember to be mindful and…

keep your peepers open!®

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