keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

blessed assurance

July was quite busy yet so rewarding for me. My work received acknowledgment in many ways, I had an opportunity to teach, and I enjoyed meeting people from other countries while moving about the country taking in the scenery in places revisited with a different eye. In one hotel, I was so elated to find that the windows open; even if only part the way, it was refreshing and presented me with a challenge as to what and how I could shoot…with my camera that is. Crouched on the floor, lens precariously balanced on the ledge, I managed to capture sunset re-coloring the sky and urban renewal. The structure across the way made me think about the way my friends and I are working to construct the next phase of our lives as I leaned
against the wall. Knees to carpet breathing in twilight air, a sense of assurance passed over my shoulders watching the bare bones of a building in transition transform from stark whites and beiges to oranges and purples with a hint of turquoise as the sun set.

Something good is on the horizon for us all so…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, July 28, 2013

leafy greens

No salads today, just lush greens of another sort like the kinds that burst forth in splendor

or fan out with pizzazz

or create shadows of breezy serenity,

with a cold martini on the side,

green olives of course!

It’s easy being green today so…

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

sun beams

After a nice beach respite, I came back and had a truly wonderful Saturday. First, I received the advance copy of a new magazine called Spirituality & Health Practice in which are published two of my photographs! I had been keeping quiet about this since I found out over a month ago that they were indeed going to use my pictures. Once I received my advance copy, the pictures were really in print and things really were real so I shared the news with many and now with you. Some of the articles in the premiere issue of Practice really speak to all that I've been studying this past year and provide good practical information on how to take great care of yourself. Keep your peepers open for it as it will be on newsstands in August and check pages 37 and 83 for my photos. Since I am not sure where it will be offered in various cities, here’s a link where you can order the premiere issue; it is bundled with one of Spirituality & Health's other special interest magazines called Soul Connection at a discount for both.

Later that evening, a business and professional women’s organization honored me for my work and accomplishments in the healing arts. Lambda Kappa Mu Sorority, Inc. gave me my first community service award for this work; it is nice to receive recognition for something I am passionate about and even more meaningful that it came from a group of women.

I went to bed feeling like sunshine inside and out, am still beaming with pride so…

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, July 21, 2013

shore notes

As I walked along the shoreline each morning, I note that each beach I visit has its own distinctions. Cape May is dotted with small rocks and smooth pebbles (I became obsessed with collecting coral-colored ones) mixed in with the shells

and in places, the sand looked like fabric. Water-etched patterns created sand carpets that I was careful not to disturb.

Then I came across what in my eyes appeared as a beach fairy goddess.

Even my shadow became its own work of abstract art.

Looking ahead eyes focused downwards, the seagulls ran in front of me tending to their business, their tiny footprints minute alongside mine.

I caught one perched on one leg.

A school of dolphins was out for their morning swim first heading east; about 30 minutes later they re-appeared this time swimming, jumping, frolicking parallel to the beach as if they knew a bunch of us had gathered to watch the fun. I was so involved in the show that I almost stepped on this horseshoe crab; I had to flip it back over several times as the waves kept turning it on its back.

My other obsession -- the tall red and white lifeguard chairs. I can't explain as they don't necessarily invite one to have a seat though early in the morning, many do climb up to capture sunrise or just gaze out at infinity.

I greeted each warm vacation day kissed by the first rays of sun, feet washed by the cool ocean. After at least two hours of bliss, the beauty continued with gardens to guide me back; my hotel was a block from heaven.

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

beach scenes

Riding the ferry reminded me of summer trips to Martha’s Vineyard though at this stage in my life I found the boat to be relaxing…

…as a teen all I wanted to do was get off so I could get with my friends! Now, I appreciated the view.

Arrived earlier than expected so I poked in and out of the shops, stopped for nourishment (had the best BLT...aside of course from the ones my grandma made),

and happily observed nature…

Strolled along glad that my room would be ready when I got back to the hotel and there rushing down the sidewalk was a little bird moving as if he was late for a very important date! He made eye contact with me; I thought he would fly away. Not! He just kept right on his mission and when he was in front of me, he looked up, turned left and headed down an alley! Too funny.

Spotted three dolphins out amongst the waves, later several. Seeing them was my reward for going out at 5:30AM to walk the beach. Photos were hard to get and then I realized this unexpected moment was meant to imprint not print. After two hours of surf, sand, shells, seagulls and sunrise,

I walked along the edge of the ocean

marveling again at its vastness as I made my way towards the path that lead back to the front porch where I plopped down sticky, sweaty and smiling inside and out.

Though I still have a cold, somehow it seems manageable here at the shore, my chicken soup for mind, body, soul and spirit. What’s yours?

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, July 14, 2013

white linen

I am preparing for my second annual white linen get-away when I only pack (into a huge beach tote not a suitcase) white linen tops/dresses and escape DC for a total relaxation vacation on the or within walking distance to a beach. As much as I love jewelry and never leave the house without earrings and painted lips, on these trips I scale back to the bare minimum. I take a limited amount of baubles, one lipstick or gloss, one pair each of pants and sandals, two pairs of leggings, flip flops, sneakers, a hat and a couple of colorful head scarves -- it's all about ease, comfort and no decisions. This year's jaunt is to Cape May, last year was Nantucket and as I battle a nasty summer cold, I truly am in need of this time out right about now. Just need to pick out a good book and I'll be all

Plan a quick trip with no fuss minimal packing, a vow to keep it simple, a small bottle of detergent and as you venture forth...

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

nature calling

As I caught up with magazine reading last week, I came upon an article about "repeatedly giving attention to one patch of Earth" for an extended period. While I have not done this daily for a year as did the subject of the piece I read, I do find myself visiting the same gardens often.

The rose garden next to the Smithsonian Castle is one of the most divine spots within walking distance of my abode. I return each year taking photographs of the flowers at different phases of their growth cycle throughout the spring, summer and autumn. I never tire of spending time amongst the bushes so this past Sunday I decided to put into practice establishing a relationship with one thing in nature. I favor white or cream colored roses; love the delicate etching of pink along the edges of some petals. In the shade on a bright morning, they become almost opalescent, iridescent, dreamy, hypnotic. After 30 concentrated minutes looking at each flower on the bush, I focused the lens on one in full bloom

and another with just a few petals left

before stepping out of the dirt to take pictures of other roses,



and animals!

However as I moved amongst the beauty planted and maintained by people I thank whenever I see them, I felt much more connected to that patch of garden where the garden party tea rose grows. Will I go everyday? More than likely not though I know I will now always stop at that corner when I walk, will take
pictures every time I am there, and am very aware that I rooted where I stood last Sunday.

Nature is calling! Get outdoors and...

keep your peepers open!®

Sunday, July 7, 2013

body stop

On July 4th, I celebrated successfully completing 209 class hours and 5 certifications in less than a year while still --

working a very demanding at given times "9-5" that in June, the end of the fiscal year, just percolates with serious intensity and yet, I kept pace while preparing for a final exam,

foregoing my annual birthday vacation abroad by instead getting up early during the trips I took for educational/business purposes to take photographs which I edited in the evenings to substitute as my getaway time,

managing to begin and pretty much sustain a morning mindful meditation practice followed by a combination of self acupressure & Reiki,

shifting things in my home and purging closets,

being quietly consumed and overwhelmed by the unexpected death of a friend that resurrected unresolved issues over the suicidal death of someone I loved,

facilitating a few workshops,

posting this blog twice a week without fail,

finding time to create new collage and photographic works in addition to prepping for and being part of an exhibition that gratefully I was asked to participate in,

navigating through recurring hip and sciatic back pain that thankfully led me to chiropractic visits (yikes...three times a week for not sure how long!),

pursuing with gentle tenacity, vision, faith and belief some things I hoped would happen (one thing has, stay tuned) and

committing on paper rather than allowing to get lost in my head concepts for life passions that I keep adding to rather than abandoning for another less hectic time --

by climbing into bed with a choco-nana-almond shake, magazines to nourish all that is bubbling, Pandora and a promise to only get up when necessary; my body said stop, I listened.

In the face of all that is stated above never did I give rise to thoughts or energy to anything I may not have accomplished celebrating instead all that was, is and is to be. Not sure I can tell you how liberating that felt on Independence Day 2013. Hope yours was bursting with chosen moments and that you will always...

keep your peepers open!®

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I love it when my photographs mimic my collage work. It’s never on purpose, always an “oh wow” moment when I see before me a captured floral that is so like a particular goddess. The delicate femininity of this sensual image, which I have entitled bathing beauty,

immediately brought to mind some of my earlier collage goddesses, the biggest difference being the simplicity in design and tones of the flower versus the complexity of the hundreds of cut pieces in wild varied colors that comprise the full shape of a woman’s torso.

Both of these pieces evoke a sense of eroticism in their curvaceous position; a tickled tingle rushed through me as the editing on the photo was complete.

In life as in art, the beautiful moves in the curves.
- Bulwer-Lytton

So very true.

keep your peepers open!®