keep your peepers open!

keep your peepers open!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

about facebook

I read an article about Facebook’s ability to influence our opinion of ourselves as we view and read posts that may cause us to question our choices, what we're doing, who we know.  It’s human to wonder about our own lives when we see folks going to exotic places, grinning from ear to ear with people we may or may not know at a gathering we’ve not been a part of, read congratulatory posts for fabulous accomplishments, etc. 

Let’s face it, all pun intended, FB can not only be an influencer, it can also be addictive! Add that to working for yourself plus those days when you work at home -- you’ve potentially got the makings for a non productive day. I speak from what I know and what I know is an entire day passed without me realizing the clock was ticking until I looked up and it was 6:00PM. I couldn’t remember if I’d eaten anything or even gone to the bathroom! I’d gotten so distracted by whatever was happening on FB, that I failed to finish what I started at 10:00AM.

Facebook has its merits, this is coming from someone who did an about face, no pun intended, less than a year ago and finally chose to get connected. I've had the pleasure of reconnecting with so many people from my past, folks that meant something to me even though we had lost touch. I’ve actually dined, met for drinks or attended parties with some of them and let me say, a real face-to-face hug beats an emoji any day! That said, and this really is the take-away for today, we’re all where we're supposed to be. If we don't like our current situation, we have the power to change it and spending too much time on FB takes time away from focusing on that change. 

A photograph on Facebook is a snapshot of just one moment, it does not begin to tell the life story of the person(s) looking into the camera. Trust and believe, each and every one of us has experienced the dualities of life destined to appear on our path, only some will choose to post their down moments. So see you when I see you and until then…

keep your peepers open!®

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